Private Equity Investing

RoyCap’s Philosophy: Believing in reasonability, partnership and commitment

We believe that the combination of reasonably-priced capital, hands-on restructuring expertise, partnership with management and a strong, committed management team is the recipe for successfully rebuilding a company and returning it to profitable growth.

Jean Noelting, Managing Director, Royal Capital Management


A fresh, new approach to corporate restructuring and financing…

Even fundamentally-sound companies can encounter challenging situations include:

  • The sudden loss of a major customer
  • A poorly-timed expansion project
  • A difficult acquisition
  • Margin calls as a result of currency fluctuations
Without precision intervention, these kinds of situations can trigger serious cash flow problems, the default of bank covenants, and insolvency. That’s when the RoyCap Merchant Banking Group can help. RoyCap works with public and private sector companies in crisis to alleviate both immediate concerns and establish a foundation for long-term success.

We offer assistance on two fundamental levels. First, we provide interim financing to keep the company solvent. Second, we deliver professional operational guidance to underpin the firm’s turnaround. Not only can this powerful, results-oriented strategy be deployed quickly, it also establishes a solid foundation for ongoing corporate viability.