RoyCap’s Team

Professionals dedicated to solutions

RoyCap’s team and its partners have considerable depth and many years of hands-on expertise in financial engineering. Their real-world experience gives them a unique understanding of the inherent issues – and opportunities – facing companies confronted with a financial or management crisis.

In addition, our professionals offer the breadth of having direct experience in companies of various sizes (from micro-caps to those in the $1 billion range) and across various industries including manufacturing, engineering, distribution, and technology.

Mark Shoom
– Chairman – Chief Investment Officer
Stephen Rider
– President and CEO
Jean Noelting
– Managing Director – Merchant Banking
Raymond Wu
– Portfolio Manager – Convertible Bonds and derivitives
Michael Terlizzi
– Portfolio Manager – Investment funds trading
Andy Krystal
– Research Associate
Margaret Haddock
– Controller
Karyn Callaghan
– Office Administration